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Graphic 1: Picture of a Frilled Flying Lizard


Source: Primary Source Made by Man Hin Ma

The frilled flying lizard is an evolved animal from the frilled necked lizard. Its changed quite alot of its appearance and adaptations since the Earth is cosntantly changing. It's scientific Latin name is volatilis lacerta, meaning the flying lizard. It is estimated to be around the length of 40cm and is around the height of 30 cm tall. It has evolved into a flying reptile that uses its neck frill for flying.
It's body structure has become similar to a Vampire Bat since both animals have their wing flying device attached under their arms. Though it's body winds have become similar to other animals like the Wild Turkey, it has also developed strong sturdy hind legs like Springbok's for flying preparation when it does it's "bicycle run" to speed up and then take off.

Scientific Classification:
volatilis lacerta


The frilled flying lizard currently lives at many Asia Pacific countries that are close to Australia. Though it mainly lives up in the forests of Japan, China, Korea, New Zealand and etc. For the time being, its only been able to reach these countries since these places are countries close to Australia. The frilled necked lizard had a need to migrating from Australia since of the bizarre heat weather in Australia leading to many deaths of reptiles. Even though reptiles are cold blooded, it does not mean that they can take on many hours of high temperature heat.

Graphic 2: Locations on World Map where Frilled Flying Lizards live.
(Marked as areas in the red circle)

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The frilled flying lizard currently lives at cool grasslands that have a temperature ranging from 3 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. They developed wings to leave Australia and by practicing their "bicycle running" when they were still frilled necked lizards, they are able to easily take of running. This allows them to fly around and go to suitable habitats that will fit their needs. Though they don't have such a power yet to freely fly around the world. It already took time for Frilled Flying Lizards to migrate to other places since they are not perfectly used to their wings yet.

They live up in the tall trees of cool grasslands, where they can easily live and stay up the trees, keeping a distance away from the land predators. Though like when it was still a frilled necked lizard, it likes to stay under the canopy and take in the cool air that blows under the canopy and over the forest ground.

Graphic 3: Example of places where Frilled Flying Lizards would live at
external image GrasslandsBiome.jpg
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Graphic 4: Labelled Diagram of the Frilled Flying Lizard

Source: Primary Source Drawn by Man Hin Ma

Behavioral 1:
The frilled flying lizard is a omnivorous eater who particularly prefers to eat meat rather than vegetation. Eating more meat helps the frilled flying lizard to gain more energy than eating vegetation since vegetation provides more vitamins rather than carbohydrates. Even though it eats mainly meat, it doesn't need to each to much since when compared to the frilled necked lizard, it's size has decreased by quite a lot, just a bit more than 50%. Having its body size decreased also led to appetite decrease even though it still needs a lot of energy to be able to take off and fly all the time.It was led to being an main meat eater due to the amount of energy required to fly, and the reduction of fresh vegetation and insects.

In the future, human's have used too much of their natural vegetation resources onto technology since people are starting to use natural vegetation to create technology products and make them easier to decompose in soil so that less waste will be created on Earth. This means that there will be less vegetation for animals to eat and that there will be less vegetation for animals to eat, which is one of the reasons why frilled necked lizards might later have to depend on meat to survive. Also, human's overuse of anti-insect repellents will lead to mass extinction of many insects since people keep on developing ways to destroy these insects as they think them as a pest in their homes and society.

This is the reason why frilled flying lizards have became omnivorous eaters that mainly eat meat only since of human destruction on earth and why they depend on meat's protein energy to fly.

Behavioral 2:
The frilled flying lizard has become a very aggressive animal that fights strongly against many of its predators. Before when it was still a frilled necked lizard, it much more preferred to avoid having to fight and just use it's "Bicycle Running" to run back to some safe tree and run back up and watch it's predator attempt to run up but fail. But currently, the frilled flying lizard has become a strong aggressive fighter that attacks it's enemy more than it did before. It would stretch it's wings out and scream, then jump and stab the enemy at strong weak points like ankles, wrists, body joins, etc.

This helps the frilled flying lizard since it allows it to defend its living territory and eliminate as many of its predators as possible. Eliminating as many predators does help the frilled flying lizard to create less competition over food since of human destruction in the future. Also, it will make more animals keep a distant away from the frilled flying lizards since they might be a bit too dangerous. Though they are aggressive, they are only aggressive if they are being bothered by others.

Environment pressure that has created this to happen is because of the new predators that have evolved from their past ancestors and the stronger competition over food.

Structural 1:
The development to its new body structure is because of the new environment it has moved and how it needs new way in adapting to it. It's arms have become stronger and have its original neck frill moved down under and attached to its arm. The frill is very delicate and full of scales that is suitable for quite a few uses. This frill has a use of flying since the animal had to leave Australia's hot summer weather and migrate to other cooler areas that have a suitable temperature for them. Having these wings helped the frilled necked lizard to be able to fly around in the air. It allowed new ways of hunting new preys like flying in the air and chasing preys. Though the main use of the frill is to fly, it has a second use.

The frill's past usage was camouflage and scaring, and those 2 have still be continued since those 2 abilities are quite useful. It continues to use its camouflage skill to hide from enemies since they might be too much for a pack of frilled necked lizards to manage even though they are in a pack. While when being attacked by other animals, they could expand their frill and scream at their enemy to temporarily scared the animal and then take the chance to make a quick stab with its long sharp nails.

Environment pressure that has lead to this would include the necessity to fly to cooler countries since the heat in Australia has become to hot for reptiles to live in and the amount of new predators that have evolved from its past ancestors. The use of the it's frill is a very important one as it has many uses.

Structural 2:
The frilled flying lizard's teeth have become a bit different from when it's ancestor. It's teeth have become round-ish shape by have a very strong and sharp point that is useful for tearing its food. But other than that, the teeth also helps the frilled flying lizard to be able to catch its prey and hold onto them while flying since it needs strong sharp dagger-like teeth to be able to hold onto its prey and avoid it being stolen. These 2 points are quite important since it helps the frilled flying lizard to be able to easily eat food without having to slowly chew and help it prevent from being attacked and having their prey being stolen while holding onto them with their mouth. Things that might have led to the necessity of this would be new predators trying to attack and steal other animal's food.

Like it's ancestor, the frilled flying lizard is also a cold blooded ectortherm. It relies on heat externally since it's body cannot create heat by itself. To fix this problem, it sits in the sun to naturally let in heat into its body and let that heat help it move on. It need's this ability since it does not need any external physical control over it's body heat, and these things being physical might be a bother when flying. If the frilled flying lizard was to have extra physical control attached to its body, it might lead to a bother when flying and prevent it from being able to fly properly due to extra weight on it's body.

The pressure that has lead to this is the awkward weather changes around the world due to global warming. Also, cold blooded uses less energy since it can take some energy from the sun directly rather than rely fully on food. Another point is that it already has a strong need in using a lot of energy for flying and fighting off animals in its environment and it shouldn't waste that energy into keep itself warm.


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