Below are some suggested sites to get you started:
If you find any excellent general links. Add them in and write a comment about them.


Remember to reference all images that you copy from elsewhere. Not all photos on the web are free for you to copy.
Has animal images that are free to use.
More free images
Gazillions of photos


If you cut-and-paste, we will know. Be diverse in your information sources. Make sure that you link to them and acknowledge them.

Modern Animals
A site that is like a grown-up version of ours. It only has real species so nothing quite as interesting as what you can come up with. Another source of images.
The Encyclopedia of Life Just as it says, it is a catalogue of life. An excellent source for scientific names and classification information.

Fossil Animals
A link site with links to many sites about... fossils.
Great resource about recent discoveries
The site we used in year 7. Contains all the classification stuff so we do not need to figure it ourselves. Also provides info about the animals. :D.

Forks and Spoons
Forks and Spoons