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The following links would bring you to my response for the Science Assessment Task- Designer Animals.
California Turkey (Ancient Animal)
Wild Turkey (Modern Animal)
Hidden Turkey (Future Animal)

The subspecies under the species Meleagris Gallopavo that would be covered as the Modern Animal would be the Meleagris Gallopavo Silvetris which is the Eastern Wild Turkey.

Image Source: http://www.reflectiveimages.com/images/EasternWildTurkey.jpg

The following is a brief introduction to the other 5 subspecies of the Wild Turkey which would not be covered in the Modern Animal Page:
Meleagris Gallopavo Osceola (Osceola/Florida Wild Turkey):

Image Source: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2786/4438578246_ffff5a6dfb.jpg

The Osceola Wild Turkey is also known as the Florida Wild Turkey as it is found in the Florida peninsula. Compared to the other subspecies it has darker feathers with less space between. The bodies of this subspecies is usually green or purple.

Meleagris Gallopavo Intermedia (Rio Grande Wild Turkey):
Image Source: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3156/3062191503_f6a5b30037.jpg

The Rio Grande Wild Turkey could be found from Texas to Oklahoma to California. They have long legs compared to the other subspecies and the back tip part feathers are in a light brown tone.

Meleagris Gallopavo Merriami (Merriam's Wild Turkey):
Image Source: http://www.nwtf.org/all_about_turkeys/images/history_of_turkey/merriams.jpg

The Merriam's Wild Turkey could be found in the Rocky Mountains and areas in New Mexico. It lives in mountain regions. It has white feather tips and purple or bronze reflections.

Meleagris Gallopavo Mexicana (Gould's Wild Turkey):
Image Source: http://www.nwtf.org/all_about_turkeys/images/history_of_turkey/goulds.jpg

The Gould's Wild Turkey is native to the mountain areas in Mexico. It is now heavily protected. This subspecies is the largest with larger feet. The main colour of its feathers are copper coloured.

M.g. Gallopavo (South Mexican Wild Turkey):
Image Source: http://www.the-perfect-turkey.com/image-files/istwowild.gif
The South Mexican Wild Turkey is the only subspecies that is not found within North America. It is one of the smaller species that could be found in Europe. It is the nominate subspecies (shares the same name as the species)